Opening Hours:

11AM-8PM (Mon-Sat)

Street Address:

195 Pearl's Hill Terrace, #01-56

Singapore 069716


Once a police headquarters during the mid 20th century, 195 Pearl Hill Terrace is one of the longest pre-war civic buildings in existence. This historical building has now been transformed into an artistic and hipster space containing hidden treasures and gems. Many may be unaware that this terrace is in the vicinity of the bustling streets of Chinatown, more specifically, behind the People’s Park Food Centre. Located atop Pearl’s Hill at the heart of Singapore, 195 Pearl Hill Café isn’t just awesome coffee, pizza, satay, salads, ‘wiches, savoury eats and dessert.


195PHC's about staying true to our heritage - where we acknowledge that where we are today stems from our beliefs and values passed down from ancestry and the people who journeyed through life before we did. 傳承不守旧 ,创新不忘本。This old Chinese adage pretty much sums up what 195PHC stands for. Loosely translated, it's a cogent reminder for us to forge our future and embrace the new, while always staying true to our heritage and community.


195PHC’s about community empowerment - where we seek to strengthen our local communities with opportunities for social interaction and family time. The spacious yard at the cafe is purpose-designed for you to keep loneliness at bay, get together with friends and family, engage in conversation, and pursue connection. Chat with loved ones over coffee atop the hill!


195PHC's about embracing the future - where inspiration's the word of the day. Explore what we have to offer - innovative gastronomy and retail for the home and community. We're all for embracing the hustle and bustle, and the excitement of what the future brings, so fuel your adrenaline rush with us and set your eyes on myriad possibilities!

195 Pearl Hill Café is all about innovation with heritage - a fusion of old and new, adding a modern touch to our local delights. Aside from your café staples like sandwiches and salads, 195 Pearl Hill Café offers more than what meets the eye. 

What’s a café without coffee, right? Our Nanyang latte is a must try for coffee lovers! It is a fusion of your Kopitiam kopi with a cup of café latte, packed with the goodness of our traditional Nanyang roast, brewed through the modern hand pour method! 

195 Pearl's Hill Cafe

Can’t decide between having something sweet or salty? Why not try out Chef L’s Kaya Pizza invention – a handmade thin-crust freshly-baked pizza topped with rich flavoured kaya (coconut jam) and cheese, an explosion of local flavours with an Italian twist to it! 


Not forgetting the famous Tiong Bahru satay – Head down up hill to meet the satay uncle behind grill and give the highly raved Tiong Bahru satay a try! These juicy Hainanese pork skewers dipped in the unique peanut sauce topped with pineapple pulp is sure to make you come back for more! 

Benjamin Tan, one of the founders of 195 Pearl Hill Cafe, was once a policeman! He took took 8 years to arrest Lee, an ex- offender who paddled contraband cigarettes. However, after understanding Lee’s predicament, it shifted Benjamin’s perspective on life, where he found a calling in the social sector.  He decided to leave the police force and join the social sector so that he could play a part in changing people’s behaviour. Benjamin soon discovered that coffee was a big part of his conversations with people and served as a medium to connect him with others. This sparked an idea to reach out to the community through coffee so he founded Rickshaw Coffee in 2017 in hopes of transforming communities and bringing people together. 

Not too soon after Benjamin started Rickshaw Coffee did he decide to open a cafe with his business partner, Maurice. That was how 195 Pearl Hill Cafe (previously known as Gosip) came about. 195 Pearl Hill Cafe is a community cafe which aims ​to innovate with traditional businesses. Both Maurice and Benjamin believe that what we are today stems from our beliefs and values passed down from ancestry and the people who journeyed through life before we did. Hence, they communicate narratives from our forefathers, preserve principles from our traditions, and adapt practices from our local cultures. They also seek to strengthen our local communities with opportunities for social interaction and family time. 


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